Blog tweaks – your thoughts?

For a few weeks now, I’ve been thinking that “Knitterly Notions” doesn’t really encapsulate who I am as a craft blogger anymore. While I still knit, I’ve also started sewing and it feels wrong somehow to have so much sewing content on a blog that has knitting in the title.

Luckily, I remembered that I own the domain, which is also the name of a tumblr I have. My thoughts right now are to combine all my hobbies into one, central blog. I’d still have this domain, it would just redirect over to the new blog. I’m also thinking about moving all the old posts to the new blog as well so no content is lost. I wanted to give the readers some warning before I just launch a new site.

What are your thoughts?

Pics or it didn’t happen

If the internet adage of “pics or it didn’t happen” is true, then I’ve probably never accomplished anything in my life.

I did some sewing AND knitting this weekend. I was on a crafting spree! However, it was also pouring rain all weekend and I have the crappiest light ever in my house so no photos were taken. The stuff I made was pretty awesome though. A drawstring bag, a zippered pouch and work on a pair of vanilla socks.

Oh! And tomorrow I head out to see The Yarn Harlot on her book tour, which I’m SUPER excited about! Hopefully I’ll remember to write down all my impressions and get a post up Wednesday about it. I may even try to get photos tonight despite the cruddy weather.

Weekend crafting

Ah, it’s Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday…



I currently have no big plans for the weekend so I think I’m going to get some crafting done. Right now I’m wanting to make a new knitting bag – but this time lined and with a fancier drawstring. The tutorial at In Color Order looks pretty good so I’ll probably go off that.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

New job = no time

Hello blog friends! I apologize for the lack of updates the last few weeks but I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft and getting temp work here and there and that makes less time for crafty stuff and less time for blogging. At the place I’m working now though, I get an hour for lunch so I brought the husband’s scarf to work on once I’m done eating. I’m almost done with the first skein. I can’t believe it’s taken this long to knit a 2×2 rib scarf but I keep getting distracted. And, as per usual, you’ll note there are no pictures. Someday.


Also, I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing, so expect to see more of those posts in the future.

It’s good to be back.

Busy, busy, busy

After weeks, nearly months of unemployment, things are suddenly starting to turn around over here. I’ve got an interview Thursday and an interview/meeting thing tomorrow! It’s very exciting!

A quick update on my weekend crafting. Saturday I made another pillowcase and tried my hand at a wallet. The wallet was neat because it’s the first time I’ve used interfacing and I look forward to trying again and actually making it properly. Yesterday, my mom surprised me by picking up a neat table that is small enough to have set up all the time so now I have a sewing/crafting station right next to my desk. I was also able to knit a few rows on the husband’s scarf.

How was your weekend?

Sew Good: Pajama Pants (Simplicity 1494)

1494_env_frontI’vebstarted my first project from a pattern, thanks to help from my mom and the internet!

I wanted something relatively simple and that would fit my rather large person. These pajama pants went up to my hip size so I picked up the pattern, some fabric and elastic.

The pattern called for cotton or cotton blends, flannel or seersucker. Since it’s still winter, I headed over to the flannel and picked up a fun print that was on sale and was multi-directional so I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to match up the pattern.


I think I hit a real winner. The fabric really bloomed when it was washed and dried, getting much, much softer than it was straight off the bolt. It also got a bit linty thanks to our washing machine but that’s not the fabric’s fault. Thankfully my mom sewed all her own clothes in high school and is a wealth of knowledge so she helped me pin and cut the pieces to make sure I didn’t mess anything up.

The pattern itself is decently straightforward but there were some confusing bits. For the directions on how to layout the fabric before cutting, it only had instructions for fabric with nap and this fabric has none. My guess is that they only put the one on there because you’d cut it out the same way with or without nap but it would have been nice if that was a little bit clearer. Maybe this will be something that will make more sense the more patterns I use.

So far, I’ve cut out the pieces and zig-zagged the edges. I woke up this morning extremely sore because I did all the pinning on the floor and I’m too old to be hanging out down there.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • I need to be patient when prepping fabric. I kept having to adjust the fabric to make sure it matched up on the edges and getting pissed off.
  • I need to practice cutting. The edges looked pretty pathetic but I think with time that will get better.
  • I need to pin on a table and not the floor because ouch.

Sew Good: Owl Cushion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFeast your eyes on the second project I’ve made, the first being a drawstring bag I haven’t gotten photos of yet. I had a small pillow laying around the house for a few years and never threw it away. Since I still had it, I decided to go ahead and use some of my awesome owl fabric to make a sweet pillowcase using this tutorial from The Happy Housie.

There were a couple of issues on the one I made. It was all me though as the tutorial is crystal clear. SomehowI misread how wide the pillow was and ended up with 5 extra inches of fabric…oops. I’ve decided that it’s a “design element” rather than a mistake. Also a learning opportunity, because moving forward, I’ll be sure to double/triple check measurements.

I haven’t worked on my knitting lately because it’s been all sewing all the time over here. However, I think I’ll work on the husband’s scarf some more and possibly get started on the pair of commissioned gloves – it would be nice to get those made before the cold weather disappears. Of course, I bought a bunch of fabric to make pajama pants so who knows if I’ll be able to resist the lure for long.

Knitting terms for beginners

When I first started knitting, I read a lot of knitting blogs and eventually learned my way around the knitting jargon. When I was starting to learn I would have loved a series of comprehensive posts detailing out the terminology that’s thrown around in the blogosphere. I was thinking of terms like “Fair Isle” “Colorwork” “making up” and other terms. Do any of you have any suggestions of terms you would have liked explained to you off the bat? Let me know in the comments!

More sewing stuff

I swear this blog will get back to knitting soon. But first, pictures of my sewing machine!


Isn’t he wonderful? It’s a Brother LS-2125i that my husband bought me for Christmas. I’ve named him Harold.

Yesterday, I finally got to try him out since I was out of town from the 26th until the 6th. I went to the fabric store and got some muslin to practice on and some AWESOME owl fabric to make a knitting bag from. Want to see the awesome fabric? Of course you do.


Isn’t it glorious? I’m working out the logistics of the bag now on the muslin and eventually I’ll be cutting into my real fabric. I can’t wait!

Did you get any cool stuff for the holidays? Knitting stuff, other crafty things? Let’s hear about it!