Instincts and why I should follow them

I started working on a scarf for myself yesterday. Using this yarn:


Ushya chunky yarn in Emerald.

The yarn is lovely and soft. I wanted something simple so I decided to give the Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf a try. Things did not go well for me.

I cast on 26 stitches as stated in the pattern. After knitting most of the first row, I realized that the amount of stitches was incorrect as it should be in multiples of 4…so I rip it out and start over, this time casting on 24 stitches. This time, the number is working out but I’m noticing an issue, the yarn is really easy to split with my needles since it’s braided rather than twisted. Still, I like the yarn and just vow to be careful. About halfway through the second row, I notice that the fabric seems rather stiff but choose to ignore it. Then, somewhere on the third row, I figure out that somehow I’ve added a stitch. Also, the stiffness of the scarf is pissing me off. Not to mention the needles I’m using are practically the same color as the yarn, making it nearly impossible to see my stitches. So I rip back again. This time, I decide to go from a set of size 9 needles to a size 11. So far this is going pretty well and the knitted fabric is much drapier. But I’m still not sure about the pattern. While it’s lovely in the yarn that it was originally knit in, I’m not sure it’s working with just the solid color. I don’t know if I should give it a couple more rows to see how I feel. What would you do?

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