Hello and welcome to Knitterly Notions, a brand new(ish) blog about my adventures through Knitting!

A few months ago, I took knitting up as a hobby and found that I was writing about it A LOT on my personal blog, hayiaf.com. Finally I decided it may be time to migrate those posts over to their own space, hence this site!

Any post previous to this one, was written on the date stated and posted over on my other blog. From here on out, all content will be new to the world.

The blog will include the following:

  • Yarn Reviews
  • Anecdotes about knitting
  • Links to resources
  • Posts about mistakes and what I learned (hopefully this will help others)
  • Reviews of knitting books
  • Pictures of what I’m knitting

I hope to contribute to the awesome online knitting culture at large through this blog.


Thanks for stopping by!

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